Anthony is between adventures ...


What happened?

Anthony will soon start on an adventure in an exciting startup, but starting 1st of October 2013, he has no real source of income.

Since Anthony can not sit on his hands, he is now looking for partners to tackle exciting technical problems together, for a few days, a few weeks or longer.

Who is Anthony?

Anthony Liekens aspires to be a scientist and entrepreneur at work and a dad at home, while being an eclectic hacker at both places.

If you are genuinely interested in Anthony, you may want to read his curriculum vitae or personality sketch.

How you can help

Do you have an exciting challenge and want Anthony to dive in and help you fix the problem? Hire him now by suggesting your project!

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Anthony's 3 complementary flavors

Anthony, #BioInformatician

Grown up as a student of both computer science and biology, providing clear communication between these worlds is one of Anthony's prime special skills.

Anthony brings along thorough experience with both biological and computational techniques and their applications in the large scale analysis of biomedical databases, processes and networks.

Anthony's most recent and relevant experience is the development of BioGraph at the VIB Department of Molecular Genetics and Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Antwerp.

Anthony, #CodeMonkey

Anthony is an übergeek when it comes to handling bits. His favorite dabblings are in high performance computing with C++ and front end web development with Ruby (on Rails) while his knowledge reaches well beyond that. Anthony's preferred domains are knowledge management and the automated mining of intelligence, but is also proud of his many experiments with web design.

Of course, Anthony brings more to the table than just his coding skills. He can help you think creatively, entrepreneurially and scientifically about our approach to your problem.

Besides challenging himself to design this particular web page responsively and without any raster images (neat, right?), BioGraph for music, Het Vlaams Woordenboek and Punthoofd are just a few of Anthony's eclectic brainchilds.

Anthony, #Maker

Anthony runs a hackerspace from his garage, the Open Garage, where he builds a community around the transfer of skills from the digital into the physical world.

With his love for technology, engineering and innovation, Anthony can consult on any installation that is well beyond the usual limits of thinking, from 3D printing or modernist cuisine to biohacking or electric vehicle conversions.

Being an eclectic skill collector and lateral problem solver, Anthony is familiar with many making methods and techniques and is willing to tutor his expertise. With his abundant arsenal of tools, he'll go apeshit on your hardware project.

Hire Anthony, #LimitedOffer!

What you'll get

If you can challenge Anthony to an imaginative task, he will be a productive and extremely enthusiastic collaborator to your project, providing an honest and valuable deal.

Your goal must be to pick his brain so you can take the next step.

We only have a limited supply of Anthony! Once his startup adventure gets the green light (Q1 or Q2 2014), that'll become his top priority.

Read Anthony's resume or his personality sketch.

What Anthony costs

The following table represents the net monthly costs to operate one Anthony. We are interested in any honest proposition that allows Anthony to pay for these expenditures.

House and family contribution €1,300
Food €600
Hobby €250
Savings €250
Your bonus €????

Total net monthly costs €2,400 + Your bonus

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